[Video Review] Tiger Fawn’s ‘Little Birdie’ Is A Story That Must Be Seen

By: Graham Johnson

Once more, through The Vinyl Warhol, Tiger Fawn has released another psychedelic trip into their own mind: Little Birdie. This early 90’s MTV styled video speaks to the unfortunately integral aspect of modern culture that suggests that humans should be rewarded for their physical appearance. The uncertain nature of the video exudes the feeling of uncomfort that one experiences when found in such a situation and keeps the viewer on edge for the entire 3:18 run time.

The video looks as if it was filmed twice; once to cut and edit together, and once as it was played on a 40-year-old television set. Keeping in line with the classic psychedelic vibe, the edits feature retro liquid style projection art and negative space effects. The costume design even held elements of classic 70’s psychedelia mixed with Dani’s own unique personal style of glitter, face paint, traditional clothing, and miscellaneous natural objects. All of this culminates in something that looks like Black Sabbath’s first album cover, yet much, much trippier.

The music itself is completely Tiger Fawn. Always primal in nature, their sound is a collection of many short simple sounds that create a complex blend that carries itself as stripped down psychedelic blues, but with a heavy hip hop influence. The low almost pad of a bass line is contrasted by plucky ukulele lines that somehow leads one further into this choppy psychedelic sea. Of course, the percussion is comprised of a few random instruments they’ve collected over the years, including a large Brazilian drum that serves as the heartbeat of the track.

The video was released on July 5, and is the third video in 3 months for Orlando based, Tiger Fawn. Hopefully, this means we’re seeing the beginnings of a trend and can expect more of the same in coming months. Fingers crossed for another immersive story told by Tiger Fawn and The Vinyl Warhol.



Tiger Fawn

The Vinyl Warhol






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