[Video Premiere] Baby Tony and the Teenies release ‘Snap Out Of It’

By: Lindsy Carrasquillo

Baby Tony and The Teenies was formed in Denver, CO in 2017 by Eli Saragoussi and Max Boyd. After moving from Denver, Colorado to Athens, Georgia this year, the duo began to write songs on different subjects such as sadness and having crushes. As Saragoussi explains, their sound is “reminiscent of 50’s Doo-Wop artists such as Rosie & The Originals and Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers. “

“We wanted to embody the silly joy that our music creates with the music video for Snap Out, so we decided to go wild and make complete fools of ourselves on our friend’s farm outside of town,” she said. “Max has always thought the idea of giant instruments to be hilarious, so we figured this would be a perfect opportunity to build some crazy, colorful props. Our friend Patrick Morales (who filmed the video), was cheerfully willing to follow us around for hours and film us dancing like maniacs.”

Watch the video for ‘Snap Out Of It!’ below:

” ‘Snap Out Of It was’ first conceived on a morning bike ride to work. I was so frustrated with Max because he couldn’t seem to escape the sadness he felt about moving away from the mountains/desert, and I kept asking myself why he wasn’t able to just snap out of it!,” Saragoussi said. “The melody I started singing was so fun and upbeat – but the lyrics continued to morph in a frustrated, sad direction, and eventually came to talk about being with a jealous partner who won’t trust that you’re telling the truth. ”

Baby Tony and the Teenies_July 2018-59
You can catch them on tour on the east coast this August:

Video Credits:
Directed by Eli Saragoussi
Filmed by Patrick Moralas at Seeds and Stems Farm
Edited by Daniel Dimarchi / Codo Productions


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