You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Beer: Jaws Kicks off First Magnitude’s Summer Blockbuster Series

By: Billy Cross


If you’re asking me to brave the dripping heat of a Florida in July for more than ten minutes, there has to be a damn good reason for it. Luckily for me, this summer, First Magnitude is combining my two favorite pastimes: beer and movies. Each week, they’re screening classic blockbusters in their spacious warehouse and kicked the series off with Spielberg’s breakout hit, Jaws. What’s better than watching the Carcharodon carcharias terrorize a quaint resort town set to John Williams’ iconic dunnn-dun, dun-dun? And there I was sitting in my flamingo trunks, beer in hand, forgetting about that Florida heat as I watched cranky old guy Quint get devoured by a giant shark.


So if you’re looking to escape the AC, check out First Mag’s Facebook page for more upcoming screenings. 


Here is the line up for so far:

8/1 – Back To The Future

8/8 – Raiders of The Lost Ark

Oh, did I mention there’s free popcorn?

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