[Single Review] ‘Death Defier’ & ‘The Creek’ by American Television

By: Jeremy Scott

Listening to “Death Defier”, the new two-track single by the DC area melodic punk band, American Television, I am filled with hope and excitement for the future of pop punk. Pop punk is often accused of being derivative and cliché, which I admit; there is some truth to. American Television with “Death Defier” proves the maxim that sometimes you have to return to what made the genre great in order to breathe new life into it. American Television captures the power and energy that progenitors of the genre, The Descendents, first tapped into in order to create two tracks that are instantly appealing and memorable.


The title track “Death Defier” opens with an undeniable vivacity that will have you immediately moving to the beat and banging your head. The classic palm mutes and power chords of the guitar along with the driving rhythm of the bass and drums are full of so much life. The vocalist’s voice is incredibly melodic, with a raspy quality that brings to mind the rawness of 90’s pop-punk vocals.


“The Creek”, coming in at just under two minutes, is one of those songs that is electric from start to finish. The opening guitar riff sets the tone for the nostalgic vocals that reminisce about a time when they would “drive through the night” just for “a moment by the creek.” The pounding rhythm of the instrumentation stirs up that youthful energy inside all of us and reinforces the manic overtones of the lyrics.





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