[Q&A] Retirement Party Discuss ‘Somewhat Literate’, Touring with Mom Jeans & More

By: Lindsy Carrasquillo

In May, the Chicago based band, Retirement Party, released their debut album, Somewhat Literate. This fall, they’ll be touring throughout the U.S. including a set at Fest. I was able to talk to the band’s vocalist and guitarist , Avery Springer, about their record, touring and more.


You released Somewhat Literate in May, can you talk a bit about the reaction it received?

I’m super satisfied with the response. Hearing that people are connecting with the record in the way I intended it to be received is incredible. I’m so happy that I get to make art that even just one person cares about. This is my first full length effort and it means more to me than anything I’ve written, and having people come out to shows and know the words has been awesome.

Did you have a goal in mind when working on the record?

The record is a tangible stream of my conscious. I wrote all of the songs in a 5 month span, and let the record shape itself. I didn’t have much of a plan in place besides knowing that I wanted us to release a full length record. The rest just shaped itself as I sat down and wrote more and more.


Your lyrics can be very specific and descriptive. Is that the goal with your writing style or something that comes up naturally?

I’m not sure that I really planned on it being that way. When I first started writing songs I used to be so self conscious about the lyrics I was writing that I would leave things vague or tell people that the songs were about made up situations. Somewhat Literate is my lyricism at its naturalist. I have to write what’s real to me.

The album was released on Counter Intuitive Records, what has working with them been like?

Working with Counter Intuitive has been really fun. We’re lucky that we get to work with our friends. Jake Sulzer really cares about all of the bands on his label and the music that he puts out. It feels good to work with someone as stoked as you are.

You recently did a Full US tour, what was that experience like?

We honestly had a great time. Had no idea what to expect with a 37 show tour that wasn’t even fully booked before we left. We met so many incredible people and saw the true spirit of DIY across the country. Super thankful for the hospitality friends gave us. Touring isn’t easy but we had a really good experience in a lot of places we’ve never been to before.

You’ll be going on another tour this fall with Mom Jeans and Just Friends as well as playing Fest. What should people expect from those shows?

We’re out here and have the opening spot every show to rock as many faces off as possible. We’re supposed to leave that to our friends but my mom said I wasn’t allowed to go on tour unless I met my face-rocking quota. Riffs? You bet. Rock solos? Well duh. Guitar gallops? Of course. Rocking to the max.

Who are you looking forward to seeing at Fest?

We’re only going to be there for one day because of the tour and I’m not sure of the single day lineup yet, but we’re hoping to catch a lot of the bopping that’ll be going on with our friends in Kississippi, Prince Daddy, Sincere Engineer, Annabel, and obviously all of our tour mates. I also really fucked with Lagwagon as a young “punk” so I’m hoping I’ll get to see them.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Can’t really think about anything other than my gratitude! So happy to be able to go out on the road and have people listen to the music we make.


Photo by: Sarah Beidatsch



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