[Q&A] Origami Angel Discuss New EP ‘Doing The Most’, Inspirations & More

By: Lindsy Carrasquillo

Origami Angel is a two-piece band from the greater Washington, D.C. area. Last month, they released the EP ‘Doing The Most’ on Chatterbox Records. I was able to the band’s singer and guitarist, Ryland Heagy, about the EP’s lyrics, the writing process and more.


Your EP, Doing The Most, was released earlier this month. Can you talk about the writing and recording process?

Last summer I had written bits and pieces of some of the songs that are now on Doing The Most, but during the fall we took a slight break from the band due to school and also some brain puzzles that I had to figure out myself. We never went public about being on hiatus or anything, but we were fairly inactive until the winter. Around late December I think both me and Pat realized how much this band means to us and how much we need it in our lives as an outlet, so we started putting together some of the songs bit by bit and by February we had the whole EP written. We recorded the entire EP ourselves in my basement starting in April and ending around the beginning of May, and then we sent the EP to Jake Checkoway to mix and master, who hit it out of the park.

Did you have a particular goal in mind with this release?

Yeah! For Doing The Most, we kinda had a goal in mind of going for a sound that was more natural for us. We started writing these songs just in the way that we would naturally play as a band, so for me it felt much more smooth and authentic. On top of that, I think we kinda had an unspoken connection to the music as it was basically keeping both of us sane at the time. This band has always been a tremendous positive force in my life, and we really made this record for ourselves, and we’re incredibly happy with the end result as well as the reception!


Is there a song on the release that is your favorite?

I’d have to say that my favorite song is a tie between effective. Power and fin (the long and untold story of how i know it’s meant to be). effective was the first song we finished writing on the ep, and has always been super fun to play. Playing the breakdown of that song live is one of the funnest things I’ve lived to do. Fin, on the other hand is probably the most personal song I’ve ever written. I actually wrote the verses of that song around the same time I was writing the songs on Quiet Hours, our first EP. In late 2017 I had remembered the song, and wrote the guitar melody that opens the song and plays in between verses, as well as the chorus. It will always be a special one to me, and it means something different to me now than what it originally did when I started writing it. Not to be fake deep or anything, but in my head, fin is representative of both my personal journey as well as this band’s over the last two years.


When I listened to the EP, I had an immediate connection with ‘ROM Hack’, can you talk a little bit about that song?

For sure! ROM Hack came into existence when we were practicing one day. Pat was warming up by shredding as usual, and started playing the drum part that would later become the intro to the song. He said something like “we’ve gotta use this at some point” and I was like “fuck yeah we have to” so I made him send me a video of him playing it and by the end of that day I think I had the structure of the song all written. Lyrically, the song was written in a time in which I was reflecting on a relationship that ended on great terms, which unrelatedly coincided with an extremely low point in my mental health journey. I think the words all kinda flowed out of me at once and were very representative of my mindset at the time. The song’s main theme is self-improvement inspired by a positive person in your life. It’s definitely one of our proudest musical moments thus far.

What first inspired you to get into music? What are some of your current inspirations?

One day my dad (who plays drums) was at a band practice, so it was just me and my fucking epic mom chilling after school. I was like 7 or something and I can’t remember if kids had homework back then but I know we were looking for something to do, and somehow guitar came up. My mom used to play a ton of guitar and could shred like hell, and I remember the first thing she taught me how to play that night was the chords to the Little Drummer Boy. From then on, I was pretty much hooked and I think I’ve picked up a guitar every day since. Then I got into like guitar oriented pop rock music by watching/listening to the Jonas Brothers. Somewhere down the line I started tapping a lot and someone told me to listen to American Football and now we’re here. Current inspirations consist of every single band on our wonderful label, Chatterbot Records, including but not limited to Michael Cera Palin, Smol Data, Equipment, California Cousins, Foxy Dads, etc. Also Stars Hollow from Iowa is ridiculously good, and also amazing kind and generous people. We’ve been listening to a lot of this Russian twinkly emo band called Fakeholder who are awesome. Also been bumping Attack! Attack! and Chunk, No Captain Chunk! a ton on the way to shows. Long Live Easycore

What should people expect from the band this year?

You can expect some new stuff to be appearing before the end of 2018! Some things I’m not too at liberty to talk about, but you will definitely hear a little bit more of Origami Angel before the year is over.

Can you talk about your local scene and some artists you recommend from the area?

Our local scene is dope, tons of house shows all over the DMV (DC, MD, VA) so you kinda get a wide variety of people and music. I’d obviously recommend our best friends Commander Salamander from Virginia, as well as Knope and Courage Mother (ep coming soon I’m told) who are also from Virginia. Some extended Maryland homies would be Sammy Heck and Some Mess, both from Fallston, MD which has an amazing scene.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

If Mr. Meaty never aired, our society would have flying cars by now. It’s really important to us that people take care of themselves, and the others close to them. If anyone is ever going through anything, we are always an open line and you can talk to either of us on our personal or band social media platforms or whatever. Everyone is beautiful and y’all all deserve happiness and love and support, don’t hesitate to reach out to us or anyone else.


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