[Single Review] E.J. Hervey releases “Insomniac Lullaby” Off Up-Coming Debut Album

By: Ian Maikisch

As this rainy summer comes to an end and fall approaches, Insomniac Lullaby has come to help you appreciate staying in bed at noon as the sky cries down on our Florida sand one last time.



Insomniac Lullaby comes to us as the first single off of EJ Hervey’s debut album, Cats. The Jacksonville artist already has three releases under his belt at the young age of 18, and is coming out strong for his debut album release.

This single is a slow and calming tune that, listening back to it right now as the sky starts to go dark at 3:00 PM, makes me feel like the cat in the artwork. I feel cozy, warm and comforted on my couch as Hervey’s low voice echos through my headphones.

There isn’t any “one thing” that stands out in this song. There isn’t a “cool” synth tone or a catchy-get-stuck-in-your-head melody. That’s not what this track is about. This track is more about the feeling you get when you listen to it, when you dig into the lyrics, when you close your eyes and let the rhythmic heartbeat of the acoustic guitar melt into your soul.

Cats comes out December 27th and I, for one, can not wait to hear the rest of it.


Upcoming shows for E.J. Harvey

(Jacksonville) Murray Hill Theater – Aug 17 @ 7pm
(Jacksonville) The Bughouse – Aug 31 @ 8pm



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