[Single Review] “This Could Be Love” by Louise Warren

By: Hope Ankney

Printed at the bottom of the electrifying lyric video for Macon, Georgia native Louise Warren,  is a script that reads “Love, Louise” before the screen fades to black. It reads like the end of a letter- a sweet close until the next pen is set to paper. In a society where letter-writing is losing its art, this simple addition is a reminder, even if it be a subconscious one at that, of the personal touch a raw, handwritten message can give. In fact, the vintage yellowing of the act and the grit it gives bleeds into Warren’s single, “This Could Be Love.”

The record starts off strong with a rhythm and blues drenched musicality before Warren’s Americana vocals take control. Similar to Delta Spirit’s instrumentals, the track is packed full of grit and backbone. There isn’t much of a build up to its chorus as the whole track embodies a jazz infested, folk-rock that would fit in seamlessly with any southern late-nite lounge. The streets of Nashville flicker behind ones eyes as Warren’s seductive edge matches that of other country-rock influenced females before her like Joni Mitchell and Zella Day. She’s heard crying out if there is a right timing, a right mind, and if it is put into the right heart, then love could blossom. Much like nicotine, “This Could Be Love” will become addicting way beyond its initial listen- causing one to groove to its beat and mumble its lyrics for the rest of the day.

There’s a certain raw talent that filters through Louise Warren. Her voice sounds like the long lines of a pen as its letters loop through tender words and unrefined penmanship. “This Could Be Love” is a written message on the back of a postcard. Warren’s talent is like letter-reading because sending a letter is the next best thing to showing up personally at someone’s door. That’s the intimate approach she’s able to capture with this single.


Louise Warren:
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