[Story Telling Feature] Guts & Glory GNV Founder Taylor Williams Discusses Background, Storytelling & More

We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Guts & Glory GNV founder and director, Taylor Williams. In case you aren’t “in the know” about how awesome Gainesville’s story telling scene is, Guts & Glory GNV hosts monthly events where participants stand on stage at The Wooly or at Cypress and Grove Brewery and perform their stories to a packed-out crowd.

In their own words, “Guts & Glory GNV’s mission is to bring live, original, true, first-person, polished storytelling to Gainesville.”

If you’re a fan of podcasts like The Moth, Snap Judgement and This American Life then Guts & Glory GNV is right up your alley. High quality true and impactful stories delivered in a well put together and entertaining package, that take the audience on a journey through the story teller’s life.

Watch our interview below:

Check out the next Guts & Glory GNV event at The Wooly on August 25th, entitled Scandalous.

“SCANDALOUS: stories about seduction and sketchy stuff.”






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