[Photo Set] Note Book Sessions Presents Early Disclaimers at Third House Books In Downtown Gainesville

By: Aliya Miranda

Third House Books & Coffee, in conjunction with Supermoon Sound and OKAY GOOD Media, present Early Disclaimers!

Early Disclaimers, a Gainesville two-piece consisting of Leda Balch and Andrew Virga, lay down heavy, sad, and spooky notes. There’s truth to their music that will definitely stick with you far after the end of the show.

* From Facebook Event

What Note Book Sessions really is about is the atmosphere of their shows. From the second you walk through the door at Third House Books you are in a world of class and comfort. The drinks, the food, the music and the event space is all set up to make you feel at home.

What is your house missing though? A video production in your living room, that’s what. As an attendee you get the cool experience of watching how a session video is made. The cameras, the lights and the band all make you feel like you’re in a cool-hip New York City loft about to see the “next big band” before they blow up.

We are so happy that something like this exists in our community and Note Book Sessions is one more thing that makes Gainesville one of the best places to experience artistic expression in Florida.







Note Book Sessions Youtube


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