[Single Review] The Spirit Of The Beehive Build A Surrealistic Narrative with “can i receive the contact?”

By: Jeremy Scott

Philadelphia’s The Spirit Of The Beehive have released the song, “can i receive the contact?” in preparation for their new album release, ‘Hypnic Jerks.’ Frontman Zack Schwartz describes the upcoming album as sounding like “the state between wakefulness and sleep,” and that description is appropriate if the track is any indication of what the rest of the album will sound like. The song brings the band’s synthesis of dreamy, sample laden psych-pop and hardcore distortion and feedback that is characteristic of their previous releases.


“can i receive the contact?” is a sonic psychosis reminiscent of a bad trip that nevertheless leads to fruitful introspective revelation. It is reminiscent of other masters of this style, bringing to mind “Young Lust” by Pink Floyd with its insidious dial tone and “Peacebone” by Animal Collective, which also leaves you with a feeling of being completely scrambled and discombobulated. “can i receive the contact?” features jarring transitions from dreamy ambiance to shrieking, distortion heavy guitars and slurred vocals that will leave your head spinning. Although it would be easy to write off the song as schizophrenic and trite, careful listening of the song will reveal the musical complexity and surrealistic narrative that is interwoven throughout the song.

I always enjoy songs that make me think about a phenomenon or part of life that I had not paid much attention to before. Although cartoons and storybooks would have you believe that drifting off to sleep is serene and peaceful, in reality, it is often punctuated with stranger than usual dreams that, in my experience, feature a manic intensity that deep-sleep dreams lack. Your mental state during this transition will shift from image to image, with no inherent logic, until finally you are off to sleep. “can i receive the contact?” captures the oddity of an experience that so many people share every night and bring sounds and techniques that are typically relegated to hallucinogen inspired music. In this way, “can i receive the contact?” and ‘Hypnic Jerks’ could end up being a vessel for The Spirit Of The Beehive to bring their sound to a wider audience. After all, not everyone has dropped acid, but almost everyone has been jolted awake after tripping over something during that strange shift from wakefulness to sleep.  






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