[Music Video] Cimo Fränkel Releases “Gamble” on Spinnin’ Records

By: Ian Maikisch

Okay so this track is just fun. This song is coming at the end of summer which kind of sucks, because this is a track I would have jammed out to at the beach or at the pool.

The beat reminds me of an 80’s workout track or something. The video looks like it is straight out of 1997 but with better quality recording. This track has a familiar pop feel, coupled with a since of nostalgia with a little spice of something new and original. Combinations like this are what make pop hits go far. Well that and money.

“I have been going back and forth about writing a 90’s Swingbeat record with new flavours for years. After developing myself as a producer for my own songs I’ve finally been able to make it work. It is very much inspired by the new pop climate as well as the 90’s happy R&B culture.” – Fränkel

I wouldn’t be surprised if you hear this all over college radio stations for the next couple of months. This artist definitely knows what his is doing.

Finally this track has dance moves! Everyone loves dance moves. Also this choreography doesn’t seem to difficult but as the same being fun to watch and REALLY FUN TO DO. I’ve spent the past two days trying to get this dance and it’s a freaking blast.

All I can say is, once you give “Gamble” a listen, this will be stuck in your head for a couple days and you should really try to copy the dance moves in the video. It’s an all around fun track and video for the end of summer.




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