Retrolux |21


Are you the one

Have I found you at such a young age

21 am I making the same mistake

hat my mother once did


24 karat gold drips from your iris

I never knew a single person

Could be so enticing

Loving you’s easy

Keepin it breezy, you know how to keep me around

Walk in slow motion

I can’t see me going

Oh, anywhere else




I never thought I’d see the day

That you’d love me

And now you’d never walk away

It’s so funny

Keep it together, you think that you’re clever

Oh you might be right

You know that I’m stubborn

But I’ll always love ya

No matter how hard I bite

(Or whatever)




Everyone is gonna doubt you

They’ll say you’re just a phase

But I know I love being around you

And the freckles on your face









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