[Video Premiere] American Darling Valve Search For Peace With “Jellyfish”

By: Lindsy Carrasquillo

We’re happy to share the new music video for the Miami based duo, American Darling Valve made up of Ariele Macadangdang and Bryan Dubrow. With an effortless sound, the band blends various influences ranging from classical and folk music to jazz and rock.

The band’s singer, songwriter and violinist, Ariele, wrote the song over time during hours of driving through Miami traffic. “I was going through a rough patch, questioning why I have to feel emotions so strongly and how I felt helpless to change. I thought, “Wouldn’t it be nice to be jellyfish, just floating around without a care in the world?” she said. “ As the song slowly formulated in my head, I started to realize that being a highly sensitive person isn’t wrong and that I don’t need to worry about feeling deeply. I also realized that I’m not the only person who experiences this. Jellyfish is a reflective song about our internal life and how it influences our relationship to others.”

When Ariele showed the song to filmmaker Greg Prinz, he had a clear vision. “When I first heard “Jellyfish” I remember telling Ariele I saw her floating in a boat looking up and singing, this ended up being the inspiration for the theme of the video. The song just had so much to offer that a video that tried to do too much would end up doing a disservice I felt, so the final decision to have Ariele not just floating in the water, but also seemingly floating through life itself, was really just to amplify and emphasize what the song is saying,” he said. “I had her sing it with no emotion to try to capture her description of people who are just floating through life, and how they may feel on the inside, with some of the last shots representing her struggle to break free of this and eventually succeeding.”

Make sure to keep up with the band to stay tuned for future releases.


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