Local Bands Play A Sold-Out Show At The Wooly – Flipturn, The Hails, Arrows in Action and King Complex

By: Demetrius Daniels

Local bands – Flipturn, The Hails, Arrows in Action, and King Complex – performed a sold out show at The Wooly in downtown Gainesville, Florida. According to comments on The Wooly’s Facebook page, many people were glad to have gotten their tickets on time for the live event Friday, August 31.

The main event headliner, Flipturn, is an indie rock/alternative band which originated in Fernandina Beach, Florida. Now signed to Swamp Records, Flipturn resides and plays local venues in Gainesville after traveling the United Stated for their summer tour.

At the Wooly, Flipturn performed songs from the album they released this year titled “Citrona”, as well as their last year’s EP, “Heavy Colors.” Dillon Basse, lead singer and rhythm guitarist, had the crowd clapping their hands and singing along.

The Hails, a rock band founded in 2015 at the University of Florida, also performed at The Wooly that night. They played popular songs from their 2017 EP “Impel”, as well as their 2018 single called “Younger”, in which people were screaming in excitement for. They even played a few unreleased songs for the audience to enjoy.

Zachary Levy, drummer of The Hails, said the band could not believe it when they found out the show was sold out.

“I’ve never heard of local bands selling out a show from online pre-sale tickets,” Levy said. “There was a certain energy in the air that you can feel; we knew it was going to be a great night to entertain people.”

The Hails would love to play there again, Levy said.

Another band that played at the event was Arrows in Action. They are a pop rock band from Gainesville, and performed songs from their EPs “Coasting” and “Running from the Sun.” They even brought smiles and laughs from the audience with their on-stage banter.

Victor Viramontes, lead singer and guitarist from Arrows in Action, said the band was ecstatic when they found out the venue was sold out.

“Not only were we playing to a packed house, but we were also getting the chance to showcase our sound for a whole new group of people who had never heard us,” Viramontes said. “Having that many people there definitely lit a fire under us to make this our best performance yet, and the crowd’s energy was electric.”

The Wooly has more of a “punk opera” feel to it compared to other venues in Gainesville because the ceilings are higher and it can hold more people, Viramontes said. The band would love to come back and play another show, and they’ll be there this September 15 for “Emo” night.

King Complex, an indie/electronic duo from Saint Petersburg, brought a unique twist to the stage – performing in all black Morphsuits. They played songs from their 2017 album titled “Phase //”, and played some popular covers to keep the audience on their toes.

According to their website, King Complex produces genre-crossing music and explores a space-like aura, which is demonstrated by their album cover and vocals.

The Wooly, 20 N Main St, is a distinctive venue suited to host wedding receptions, business meetings, live music, and much more, according to their website. They provide in-house catering, full service bar, and they have the capability to transform a room to accommodate an event. They are located minutes away from UF.

You can view photos from the show which were published earlier this week here.


King Complex:
Facebook / Instagram Spotify

Arrows In Action:
Facebook Bandcamp / Instagram

The Hails:
Facebook / Instagram / Spotify

Facebook / Instagram / Spotify 


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