Bobby Kid | Brother

Did you know there was a garden in the back of the house we grew up in?

Fruit trees over our heads

Chased me around and around till we laid in the grass and your friends came along

And I just couldn’t wait to be half as tall

Brother, tell me again how my mother had to grow up with another child just younger than she

Your room was a secret I never went in, but I’d hear you in high school laugh with your friends

And I knew that you’d save me if I needed help, but when they were around I’d just play by myself.

Thinking of something that might make you smile or a conversation that’d impress you for a while

Brother, tell me again how I’m smaller

Maybe one day I’ll be older and somehow just save your life.

Too many states far away just to drive so we’d fly to visit you there

And nobody gets you like family does, till you’re bad or you’re broken, covered in dust.

Brother, moved back to Georgia this summer

Told mom and dad he’d gone under

Back in the south in my grandparents’ house

Where we both had a ball thinking of all that we did when we were kids

Bobby Kid : Peach


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