Bobby Kid | Sad At Breakfast

I’ve been sleeping on this couch

I just can’t fall asleep somehow

I’m not so tired i’m vigilant

And i try hard to be diligent

I’m bored

And i have people but i still feel ignored

I know I’m not detrimental but I still can’t take care of my head

I close my eyes and count to ten until my breathing comes back again

I’m torn

And I don’t wanna wear it but I feel worn

With your eloquent prose, take me out

Show me what monogamy is about

Hold me while I scratch my skin

Make me feel at home again

It’s not so hard to let you in anymore

Tell me about your mom and dad

Your sister, your dead dog and cat

Anything you want to say I’ll hear

It’s wonderful to be in love with you

Bobby Kid : Peach


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