Bobby Kid | Springfield

Growing up I called your bluff

Never thought that you were strong enough

But i was reassured

Read my lines and memorized them

Showed my face and wore my mama’s smile

It happened for a while

But i stole the truth

Never wanted you

Told my friends that i was gone for good

Tell me why you built the sky

You really tried

Tell me how you set the waters down

You made your rounds

I grew up and understood

What i thought was bad and what was good

It’s never black or white

It never feels right

Show yourself to me

Is salvation free?

In lament I hide so you can’t see

Tell me why she had to die

Did you even try?

Tell me how you’re glorified now

It was just so right

In his perfect time

Please don’t cry you’ll see her in the sky

Bobby Kid : Peach


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