[FEST Q&A] Kid You Not: New Album, FEST, And Burritos

By: Charlie Daffron

There aren’t many Florida bands I love more than Kid You Not. They always deliver a healthy dose of upbeat and catchy punk rock that can liven up even the most mundane of days. Their last album, Never A Dull Movement was one of my favorite albums of 2017 and I still listen to it on a regular basis. Based on the new songs I’ve heard them play, I have no doubt their new album will be just as good! I took the opportunity to sit down and chat with the band (Patrick, Justin, Victor and Ben) before they tore up the stage at The Atlantic in downtown Gainesville a few weeks ago. You can check out the interview below and make sure you do yourself a favor and catch them at Fest this year!

How did the band start, what inspired you guys to get together?


Patrick: Well, he [Justin] and I played in a band for years and we both moved away, went our separate ways for a while, but kept in touch. Then he came back to the area and we decided, ‘Hey, let’s start playing in our old band again.’ So, we got together, started playing and we kind of realized, ‘This is fun and all, but let’s do something different.

Justin: A member of that band had passed away and it just didn’t feel the same playing those old songs, so we were like, ‘Let’s start something fresh, let’s do something new.’

What’s the scene like in St. Augustine?


Patrick: It’s kind of hit or miss…

Justin: Yeah, hit or miss. It can either be really good or really bad.

Then what’s your favorite place to play?


Justin: So far Nighthawks in Jacksonville has been one of our mainstays.

Patrick: Any place that we’ve played at Fest.

Ben: Right here in Gainesville!

You guys have been teasing for a couple of weeks that you have a new album coming soon, can you tell me a little bit about that?


Justin: So, the beginning of this year after we released the last album last year, we found
ourselves with some downtime. Patrick ended up with some new ideas which became six new songs that we decided to record. At first, we were going to put out an EP but Deep Elm, our record label, had interest in re-releasing our original EP. We thought maybe we’d do a little remix on it or something, but we were listening to it and thought we’ve always recorded everything ourselves, we can make this sound better. We kind of rushed the first time with it, we can make some changes to some of these songs and make them how we really wanted them to be if we take time with them. So, the new album is two parts. The first six are six brand new out the gate and the second six are the re-recorded versions of the first EP.

Sounds Awesome! What are you planning to title it?


Justin: Home Again. The first EP was called Almost Home, so we decided to play off of that since we brought it back and re-did it.

What’s it been like working with Deep Elm?


Patrick: It’s been great! John is a super nice guy, he’ll just bullshit with you, he’s just a really cool guy, really easy to work with.

Justin: Deep Elm is a record label that we grew up idolizing. We never in a million years
thought we would be with them. Growing up we listened to all the bands that they put out in the 90s and early 2000s. Our friends over at Bipolar Records are doing the vinyl release of the record and they’ve been amazing as well.

Nice! So, what’s your favorite song to play live?


Victor: Oof, I don’t think there’s really one easy answer for that one…

Justin: I always enjoy “Smoke Another Beer.”

Patrick: That’s a hard decision to make.

Justin: I would think yours would be “Drink Your School…”

Patrick: Yeah, I was going to say “Drink Your School…” would be my favorite to play.

Justin: That’s one of the ones we re-recorded from the original EP.

Victor: I think “Heaven…” is the one I enjoy. It’s been the last song in our set for a little bit, but it just brings a different energy. It’s got a certain drive to it that I like. As a drummer, it’s all about that drive.

Ben: I’ve always like “Smoke Another Beer.” I just like saying that name, “Smoke Another
Beer.” That’s how I live my life.



Over the summer you guys played a show on one of the final Warped Tour dates, what was that experience like? 


Justin: Well, it didn’t go well. About half an hour before we were supposed to play some bad thunderstorms rolled into the area and they actually canceled the whole rest of the tour.

Victor: It was really bad rain, it wasn’t any good.

Wow, that’s rough.


Justin: Well, we get to say we were invited.

Well, at least you’ll get to play Fest! You got announced recently, are you excited?


Patrick: Oh God, yeah! That’s what we look forward to all year.

Justin: Hell yeah, that’s our main highlight! This is our third year. We’ve played it each year we’ve been a band.

Are there any particular bands you guys are looking forward to seeing while you’re in town?


Patrick: The Penske File. They’re playing so late but I’m looking forward to seeing them. I saw them for the first time last year and they blew me away.

Victor: I’ll be looking forward to seeing Tiltwheel and Mock Orange.

Patrick: Oh yeah, Mock Orange! I forgot about that.

Justin: Makewar is always one of my favorites.

Patrick: Western Settings.

Justin: Yeah, Western Settings also. We’ve got a great stage on our day with You Vandal,
Caffiends, Teen Agers and Penske File all playing the same venue and day as us.

Victor: Yeah it should be good! We could hang out at our venue if we wanted to and just not move.

Justin: Also, Kali Masi. That’s a new band we were recently turned on to.

If you could play a show with any band, who would it be?


Patrick: Do they have to still be a band?

Victor: Well mine would be The Bouncing Souls. That’s been my favorite band for a long time.

Patrick: Jawbreaker.

Justin: I’d want Jimmy Eat World.

Ben: You Vandal.

Ok, here’s a weird one: If you had to describe your sound as a food what would it be?


Ben: A Homewrecker from Moe’s.

Justin: Yeah, that’s a good one. There’s a little bit of everything in there and you’re satisfied afterward, but you kind of hate yourself.

Ben: Yeah, I always hate myself after we play.

Patrick: The Homewrecker, a glass of whiskey and a pack of Camels.

Victor: Yeah, why not?

Justin: Or just to screw with everyone else, pineapple pizza.

Victor: Nothing wrong with that, pineapple pizza is alright.

Ben: Gross.


Alright, that’s about all I’ve got! Do you guys have anything else?


Victor: Thank you!

Justin: Thank you so much! Can’t wait to be at Fest again and the new album will come out October 12th.

Awesome! Right before Fest.


Justin: Yeah, right before Fest on Deep Elm Records and Bipolar Records.

Be sure to catch Kid You Not during fest on Sunday, October 28 at Rocky’s and don’t
forget to pre-order Home Again from their Bandcamp page!








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