[Lvl Travels] Lindsy Visits Chicago, IL

By: Lindsy Carrasquillo

Many moments in my life are filled with various songs and albums that bring back memories like a flood. My memories of being in Savannah, Georgia earlier this year are filled with sing-alongs to Caroline Rose’s record “Loner” (which I had on repeat for months) or waking up early enough while camping just outside the city to see the sunrise and start a fire while listening to a playlist consisting of bands like Rilo Kiley and Remember Sports. Connections to places through music whether I saw that band in that area or just listened to them is always special to me.

My trip to Chicago, Illinois for Riot Fest was different than my usual travels. At this point, I’m pretty known in my friend group for being the one to make mix CD’s but this time, I traded hours in a car for my first plane ride in years and searching through music on my phone.

Strawberrita – Remo Drive

Whenever I see an artist live, I usually end up liking them even more than I previously did and that couldn’t be more true for Remo Drive. The week before my trip, I caught them on their current tour with Field Medic and Prince Daddy And The Hyena (which you should check out if they’re coming near you) in Tampa. Their record, Greatest Hits, was one of the ones I listened to on my drive down to the Orlando airport and it’s a record that I can always listen to from front to back. It’s got soaring sing-along choruses that fit any mood with a blend of driving guitar riffs and influences from a variety of bands within the emo genre. I first heard of them last year when they did an Audiotree session and their video of Art School / Strawberrita is what originally got me hooked on their sound.



Chicago Is So Two Years Ago – Fall Out Boy

“But there’s a light on in Chicago and I know I should be home…”. I hope this choice doesn’t come as a surprise to most people (or anyone for that matter if you know me personally). Fall Out Boy was my first favorite band, TTTYG was the first album I ever bought and Patrick Stump’s 2011 Alternative Press is what sparked my interest in journalism plus made me interested in Chicago back in middle school. So for a proper send off, I listened to this song on the floor of the airport terminal while waiting to board my flight Though I don’t keep up with them anymore or listen to them that much in general at this point, it was nice to reflect for a moment and think about how much of an impact they’ve had on me.

We Have No Future, We’re All Doomed – Kississippi

I first discovered Kississippi last March right before they played a house show here in Gainesville with Prince Daddy & The Hyena and this is an EP that I frequently go back to. With soft guitars and a smooth voice, this was the perfect thing to listen to on my 6pm flight. I hit repeat on my phone and quickly fell asleep on the plane but it was the perfect thing to wake up listening to as I saw the sunset from my window seat.

Now That’s What I Call Music Vol. 420 – Prince Daddy & The Hyena, Pictures of Vernon & Mom Jeans

After getting off the plane and taking a train into the city, I hit play on what was probably my favorite release of 2017. I still remember when it came out in October. I listened to it non-stop at work and led me to discover Counter Intuitive records which is now one of my favorite labels. This was the perfect energetic mix of music to guide me on my walk from the train station to the airbnb.


Be The Cowboy – Mitski

While in the city, I opted out of plugging in my headphones and just listened to what was playing in the various stores I was at when I wasn’t at Riot Fest. After spending about an hour in the bookstore City Lit, I was surprised to hear Mitski’s Be The Cowboy being played in full and gladly ventured through various parts of the store as it played. I’ve known about Mitski for a few years now and have heard a lot of buzz from my friends but never really ventured through her discography on my own. This is the album that truly made me a fan. I’ve listened to the record countless times and love its sincere lyrics that match the record’s melancholy indie-pop sound. Every time I listen to it, I just can’t get it out of my head.

Reset To Default – Hodera

Earlier this year, I listened to Hodera for the first time and was immediately captured by their sound and honesty. As their newest record, First Things First, was the first release of theirs that I heard, I really wanted to dive into their lyrics and it took me months to work backwards through their discography. Just like their other releases, it’s introspective with a deep level of honesty and kept me company on my flight home.





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