[Single Review] Charly Bliss Blend Genres with “Heaven”

By: Hope Ankney

New York-based band Charly Bliss define themselves as “bubblegrunge,” and with their newest release it’s hard to argue with that label. “Heaven” definitely wavers back and forth between the grunge foundations and bubble-gum sound.

The slamming guitars and hard-hitting drums fit the bill found in the grunge scene, but the interesting twist is how seamlessly it seems to gel with the sugary-sweet vocal delivery from lead-singer Eva as she sings gooey lyrics about how her partner makes her feel like she’s in Heaven.

It’s difficult to tackle such contrasting genres and melt them together, but Charly Bliss have successfully laid down a solid single that exemplifies both without watering one down. However sappy the lyrics and however thunderous the instrumentals, it doesn’t matter because “Heaven” is the edgy-charm a love ballad needs, and Charly Bliss delivered.

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