[Lvl Live] Expert Timing Perform “Sleep”

By: Lindsy Carrasquillo

When I first discovered the Orlando band Expert Timing, I was immediately hooked. Their melodies are infectious and I always get their songs stuck in my head for days after listening to them. They recently came to Gainesville and we had the chance to record a session with them for the song “Sleep” on my porch off of their debut record, Selective Hearing.

Hope you enjoy!

Make sure to catch Expert Timing in Gainesville later this month at Fest when they play Rockey’s Piano Bar on Friday, October 29 at 8:50pm.

Their debut full length album, Glare, comes out October 23rd and you can listen to their two singles on Bandcamp & pre-order it here.

Keep up with Expert Timing:
Facebook / Twitter

Video Credits:
Camera Operator: Lindsy Carrasquillo
Sound Operator: Chris Bailey
PA: Daniel Vilamil
Audio edited by Graham Johnson
Video edited by Eliza Goldstein
Directed by Eliza Goldstein


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