[Single Review] “Moneylover” by Ft. Lauderdale Based Band Supergold

By: Vic Abreu

What’s up LVL readers! It’s been a minute. A little bird flew into my inbox this morning, recorded by Ft. Lauderdale based indie rock group Supergold. Fronted by Alex Alston and boasting a 6 person lineup (a step apart from today’s usual quartets), Supergold has been gaining traction in the South Florida scene, playing at up-and-coming venues like Miami’s Las Rosas. I took a listen to their new single, “Moneylover.” Here are my thoughts.

“Moneylover” stays firmly rooted in the transitional direction indie pop seems to be going post-2015 hallmarked by colorful, catchy guitar hooks and licks that twinkle like coins from a Super Mario game. The guitar writing reminds me almost of Lockett Pundt in its breeziness, kicking this track’s accessibility up a notch. “Moneylover” hits its first snag on the vocals. Maybe it’s just not the frontman’s forte when it comes to reaching that frantic, Mark Mothersbaugh warble, but the track’s vocal acrobatics don’t mesh with the direction of the rest of the track. The instrumentals are a little too light in affect to complement the deeper inflection of its vocalist (like pairing a white wine with a ribeye). My advice – “Moneylover” could benefit from a gentler vocal direction and mixing forward its beautiful synth stabs, but the idea is clearly there. The fadeout on the end ties the track together perfectly.

If you dug this track, “Moneylover” is available to stream on all platforms. You can give Supergold a like on Facebook, and check out their next gig!

Facebook / Soundcloud


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