[Video Review] Candy Ambulance Release Video For “Spray”

By: Natu Tweh

The music video for Candy Ambulance’s “Spray” is just as wild as the song itself. The first few bass chords serve as an entryway alongside the white noise and song title projecting from the television. The energy from this track stems from the stop-and-go instrumentals that are synced with the video’s quick, flashing transitions.

Even though the song is a fist-pumping, hyperactive anthem, it also provides a glimpse into the inescapable cycle of mania and anxiety. Caitlin Barker’s voice escalates and flattens out as she belts out the first verse.

Her lyrics about cleaning and the visuals of her scrubbing the hell out of her floor establish that sense of mania. Each scene’s lighting juxtaposes the ones before so your cones and rods are constantly being flooded with brightness, sepia filters and muted tones.

All of it combined with a punk grunge aesthetic keeps your eyes glued to the screen. The music video effectively illustrates a sense of chaos that’s overwhelming, threatening even. The whole video is quick and doesn’t spend more than four seconds on any scene. It’ll have you jumping and losing track of time every time you watch it.

For a little over a two minute music video, Candy Ambulance was able to portray a sense of anarchy and complete disarray that worked with their lyrics.

Listen to their album Spray, and stay tuned for their new music in the future!

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