[Album Review] Kid You Not Showcase Their Strength With “Home Again”

By: Charlie Daffron

Following up an album like 2017’s Never A Dull Movement is no easy task, but less than a minute into Home Again you can tell that Kid You Not are up for the task. Each band member showcases their strength as songwriters to produce their best and most cohesive record to date. The band absolutely pummels their way through each of the 12 tracks, filling the listeners ears catchy hooks, big, bold choruses packed with plenty of emotional depth.

The first half of the album is comprised of six brand new songs. Each new song easily stands on its own next to my favorites from Kid You Not’s past releases. The amount of raw energy the band manages to pack into each song is astounding. Listening to them makes me feel like I should be in a sweaty bar packed full of my friends shouting along to every word instead of sitting in my apartment listening to them with headphones. Highlights include “Virtue Signals”, “Only Posers Die” (named for “that scene” in SLC Punk! if I’m not mistaken) and “May The Bridges I Burn Light The Way”.

The second half of Home Again is a re-recorded version of the band’s first EP, Almost Home. I’ve always had mixed feelings about bands re-recording old songs – sometimes they’re really good, other times it just feels unnecessary. I’m here to tell you this is one of those cases where it turned out really good. The re-recording gives the old songs the extra oomph they need to go from good songs to great songs, making them a welcome addition to the record. Each song manages to sound fresh, while also retaining a level of familiarity for people who listened to Almost Home will recognize. Highlights include “E=MC Hammered”, “When Life Gives You Lemons, Just Say Fuck The Lemons and Bail” and “Boxers Don’t Have An Old Timers Day”.

In short, Kid You Not have put their best foot forward once, further solidifying their position as one of my favorite Florida bands. Home Again is a perfect addition to their discography and fans both old and new are sure to love it.

Photo by Jeremy McGuire

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