Hugo $anchez Drops New Single, “My Darkest Hour,” Off New Upcoming Album And It’s FIRE!

By: Ian Maikisch

I literally just finished listening to this song for the 10th time walking through the middle of campus and I had the biggest smile on my face. I honestly couldn’t hold it in. I probably looked like a creep grinning from ear-to-ear as people walk by me, but I am so blown away by this track. The vulnerability of it. The art of it all. Hugo $anchez is truly an artist. The way he writes and delivers his message is nothing but just absolute over-the-top talent.

“My Darkest Hour” feels just as angry and fed up as we all are; at government, at society, at ourselves. The topics that $anchez touches on; school shootings, mental health and pharmaceutical abuse are huge topics that are on the tip of everyone’s tongue.

I just need you to read some of these lyrics for a minute! This is the last verse.

“Oh yeah, you got your clit caught in a trap called pharmaceutics.

Got your prick stuck in a ditch of poison muses

Blood drips from young kids, your fucking ruthless

Loyal to a 3 letter beast in sheep’s fleece, they creep.

My feelings are disregarded by both parties while foolhardy draft dodger throwing a coke party.

Mommy when are we gonna stop decieving?

The gun lobby is complicit in ceasing the breathing of children believing that cool toys are worth girls and boys delicate lives being destroyed.

You gotta be a special type of cynic. Susceptible to propaganda, forgot your civics. The riots and sit-ins because citizens wouldn’t listen.

Suspicious of the other cause they’re different in color, religion.

The establishment poison youth with a savagery massively, that’s a truth that I document in the booth.”

Man his vocals are just freaking raw. They are so angry and what ever the feeling is when you grit your teeth. This song makes me want to fight and yell! This song channels something primal inside me, if you needed any motivation this week give this track a listen. This song is not for those who are complacent or ready to settle in their lives. This is for the hungry, the fighters, the ones who want better for themselves and the world. It makes you want to want change and then gets you angry enough to where you might just do something about it.

Let this song empower you in the voting booth today and keep an eye out for Hugo $anchez’s new album, “Gaslighting With Burp Stackarack,” coming soon.





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