EJ Hervey’s Single “Join My Book Club” Memorializes Past Relationship

By: Hope Ankney



We don’t date anymore, but at least you can join my book club” is the description released for Jacksonville native, EJ Hervey’s, latest single. It seems to be the perfect introduction to the song ahead as it encapsulates a longing and waning ballad to a past lover.

Beyond Hervey’s titanic voice that drips like a deeper and more refined Khalid, his self-produced arrangement of “Join My Book Club” is able to grasp the very core of what it feels like to lie in one’s bed, staring up at the ceiling, the ghost of a relationship reflecting back. From start to finish, the simple yet visceral musicality flits into an indie-R&B foundation that haunts the record. Hervey’s vocal is molasses and evoking, bringing anyone back to flashing memories of faces that never lasted.

“Join My Book Club” is hard to imagine being only a demo-cut, but it is, and if this is the type of demos EJ Hervey is putting out, there should be knees buckling at his talent in the Jacksonville local scene.






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