[Single Review] Dive Into The Depths Of LIANA’s New Single “Take It All”

By: Natalia Cuervo

Lia and Lena Göçer, known under their artist name Liana, share their unique perspective of mysterious electro-pop with an oriëntal twist; an important element present due to their Armenian and Turkish background.  Completely self-written and produced, the sisters feature music that carries you through the perfect balance of dark, yet ethereal journeys. The intensity of the very journeys themselves put you in a secure, loving embrace with each song, and you’ll never want to be released from it.

The video opens with a prayer in Turkish.
“Tanrım, sana sığınıyorum
Ne olur bana yardım et”

which translates to
“God, I turn to you
Please show me the way.”

Then, like mysterious sister sirens, they beckon you to plunge into the sea of darkness and ‘Take It All.’ Their siren song begins soft, slowly, and the temptation rises with the heartbeat of percussion and instruments playing notes non-conforming to any western scales. With the promise of having it all, at the peak of their vocals combining with the singing eastern instruments and synths, you become the air of their siren’s song; one. Then, fade gently with violins to depart. The siren song ends like a lull into deep sleep. Once you realize it’s over, you are left in anticipation of what Liana will release next.

Check out the video that was released today!

The duo always directs their own videos, and I loved the direction they went with ‘Take It All.’ Also, make sure check out the video for ‘Psycho,’ which will leave you yearning to see more from Liana.

Links: WebsiteYoutubeFacebookInstagram


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