[Single Review] Darrin Jones Puts A Modern Twist On The Old-School With ‘Mobile Phone’

By: Graham Johnson

Now that the holiday season is here and work has slowed down a bit, we at Lvl To The Room have found some time to skim through our email for new music. We were recently contacted by Colombus Georgia psychedelic hip-hop artist, Darrin Jones, with whom we agreed to write up an enlightening Q&A about their origin, inspiration, and musical direction. However, today I’d like to talk about one single in particular: ‘Mobile Phone.’

The track begins with a wavy psych-synth that weaves in and out of the beat like passing streetlamps on a nighttime street. The percussion is heavily reminiscent of old school late-90s West Coast beats, though Jones mixes in a modern technique, as his flow follows the high-hat’s 16th notes without missing a beat. More old school technique shines with a super catchy hook and classic hype-man vocals. Running just one minute and fifty-nine seconds, the track is as short as most 80’s punk songs. But what it lacks in length, it definitely makes up for in quality. Darrin Jones has found a way to seamlessly combine new and old styles into one clean, minimalistic sound.

If you like this track, you’ll definitely enjoy the EP, ‘To The Moon.’ Check out a couple of my favorites ‘4me’ and ‘In My Dreams’ for more interesting synths and trippy vibes. I’d be stoked to find Darrin Jones on barroom stage for an intimate set, or in an arena playing to a packed-out crowd moving up and down to these psychedelic bangers. Keep on the lookout for more Darrin Jones and catch the Q&A on the site when it’s out!

Don’t forget to check out the music video!


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