[Q&A] Darrin Jones

By: Natalia Cuervo

You mentioned you were based in Georgia, is this where you grew up? How did growing up there or elsewhere influenced your sound?

I’m a military brat, so I “grew up” in a few places, but the south is where I consider home. The main aspects of this that carry over to my music are vocabulary and my occasional southern drawl.

What are your current and past motivations to make music? What keeps you going?

Besides it being a personal passion and goal, setting an example for my niece and nephew is a big driving force for me.

What are you listening to currently, and how do the artists you listen to on a daily basis influence your style?

Right now the main things I listen to are a lot of Thug, Carti, Nudy, and Drake but having the music taste and addiction I do, my ear is always all over.

Tell me about your process. What prompts you to sit down and start writing/freestyling?

My process varies. Sometimes the idea just comes to me randomly, sometimes I sit down and lock in. Ideally, I have a beat and I just try to vibe out and connect my sound to it.

Tell me about the process of creating the video for ‘Mobile Phone’ with IAMTASH. From the artists perspective, what are some challenges you may have faced that may not seem obvious?

The video for mobile phone came about somewhat sporadically. The idea was already there but the day of was just like a “today’s the day” situation.

I noticed you were on a dope remix of Playa, Brisa y Mar! It is pretty different from your psychedelic 90’s vibe, but will we see more features of you in Latin music?

Yes! When it comes to making music I plan on having no limits as far as genres. The idea of more features is also something I’m always open to.

What direction do you see your music going in the future?

Right now I see my music picking up momentum and spreading to the various audiences it falls in. Sonically, I see me honing in on my fundamentals to perfect my current sound then it’s onward to growing and finding new ones.

Will you or have you been playing live shows in your area? Where can fans see you playing live in the future?

2019 Ill be doing my first shows.

Anything you’re working on you’d like to plug?

More To the Moon content on the way and more music coming super super soon!

If you haven’t already, check out Darrin Jone’s Mobile Phone video below! 

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