[Single Review] American Darling Valve’s Oceanic New Single ‘Out To Sea’

By: Hope Ankney

As is featured on the duo’s Facebook, American Darling Valve is the not-so-Miami sounding music of Miami. Consisting of vocalist/violinist Arielle Macadangdang and guitarist Bryan Dubrow, the two-man band sound much more like natives from a rainy northern town than the sunny metropolis of Miami beach.

This is only further solidified with their freshest release, “Out to Sea.” A seamless addition to any coffee shop playlist, the progressive indie-folk duo lull one into a calming trance with the sweet and soft waves of Arielle’s tender vocals against even softer instrumentals. Perfectly named, the single creates the presence of the gentle pushes and pulls that the ocean is known for. Much subtler in nature, the elements of folk and jazz melded into the slight edges of rock through Dubrow’s guitar produce a personal touch to the small window that is usually opened to acoustic artists.

Let American Darling Valve take you on a soothing journey atop the Miami waters, floating lightly as Arielle Macadangdang’s voice drifts you to sleep like a sweet lullaby.

out to sea1

Links: Facebook / Instagram / Spotify / Website


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