[Album Review] Cave’s Wildly Unique And Diverse Debut Album ‘Flies’

By: Graham Johnson

Lvl received a submission a few weeks ago from a Gainesville based rapper that goes by Cave. A somewhat mysterious and ethereal artist, as the first thing you’ll notice is that they wear a bag over their head whenever they perform. The next is that their flow and instrumentation is both eerily familiar and wildly unique, in unison. I’ve been listening to ‘Flies’ (the submission in question) for a couple of weeks now and have felt almost unable to find a description for Cave’s unique style; until now.

‘Flies’ is an artfully concocted mixture of Old School East Coast, Trap, Southern Rap, and an eclectic collection of experimental electronic vibes. Even in the first track (‘Warm Up’) alone, the melody is played by what sounds like a synthetic marimba while a classic kick line pumps up the more modern riding high hat. In other tracks, like ‘GTA’ and ‘Technical Machine 06’ (a reference to Pokemon’s TM06: Toxic), the melodies are far more reminiscent of video game music. Though, no matter how diverse the melodies and beats are across the album, Cave stays right on the flow and holds an intensity on every syllable that inspires wonder as to whether they have more than two lungs. A few of my favorites include the very psychedelic ‘Frozen Food,’ the slow and lope-y ‘Big Dummy,’ and the hard and Trap-y ‘Friends;’ all off which share an extremely Southern sound. Considering that Cave hails from Miami originally and now resides in Gainesville, it isn’t hard to imagine that their influences are very Southern.

If you haven’t heard of Cave, check them out. If you’re into trippy, psychedelic, hard-as-fuck rap with creative verses and dope hooks, check out Cave. If you’re into a diverse sound and an album that delivers sounds from a variety of perspectives, check out Cave. If you’re into featured artists taking verses and bangers that keep your head bobbing, check out Cave. Also, if you live in Gainesville, try to catch a show. They’ll be the dope fast rapper with a bag on their head. So if you spot them in a bar or venue, duck on in there and make sure to: Check Out Cave!


Links: Facebook / Spotify / Soundcloud


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