[Video Review] HAYUNG’s First Single, ‘Figured Out’

By: Hope Ankney

‘Figured Out,’ the newest single from Berlin-based singer/producer HAYUNG is a satisfying warble to the humdrum of the upcoming blues of winter.

The music video for the track is filmed riding the west-coast of the United States. It’s simple, yet effective story-telling of a young college drop-out trying to wade into a voyage of reclaiming herself is the perfect backdrop to what HAYUNG’s “Figured Out” is trying to encompass.

Self-proclaimed as being ‘Doubtstep,’ it’s hard to deny that HAYUNG’s latest drop doesn’t rely on an alternative-pop reluctance in theme and vibe. The track opens with a haunting, operatic tone from HAYUNG as he emulates Gregorian chant. ‘Figured Out’ continues as a monophonic release, never deterring from its almost hypnotic vocals. Sound reminiscent of the muted synth-pop of Depeche Mode, the glossy production only elevates the attraction of HAYUNG’s struggle with “figuring it out.”

Watch the video for ‘Figured Out’ below!

Links: BandcampSpotify, FacebookWebsite


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