Self Proclaimed Trip Jam Band, Peluché, Talks About Origin, Composition, And Hardship

By: Natalia Cuervo

Lvl: What made you decide that the three of you should start making music together?

Peluche: We all just enjoyed a good jam and gelled so nicely.

L: What music did you listen when you were kids and teens, and tell me about the artists that have influenced your sound?

P: Lots of UK garage and DnB, along with some tears to the Smiths and Radiohead.

L: Where did you all grow up, and how did your family culture end up shaping or influencing your future work?

P: Two of us grew up in London, (north and south) and Sophie grew up in Guildford and then came to London luckily! We have been influenced by; Spain, Goa, Scotland, st. Lucia, peckham, Elvis Presley and the magic roundabout.


L: On the subject of genre, what are your thoughts on being labelled as a certain genre or do you feel like those definitions may be limiting?

P: Yes, that is why we decided to define our own genre- trip jam. So now we are only limited by our own ambiguous  definition. We found a loop hole.

L: Tell us about your recent tour in the UK, and where you plan on going on the next tour?

P: Next April we are doing a stint of UK gigs and very much looking forward to getting back out there in the beautiful GMT+1 springtime.

L: Do you have certain rituals for before and after getting on stage?

P: We like to do some high energy meditation with a white wine soda.

L: I’d like to know about your experiences on the road as women/feminine people of color?

P: I (Amy, of pinky beige colour) have found it a struggle being 1 of 3 women pushing through a male dominated music scene. It took a while for men to take us seriously, and now it’s mostly them that come to our gigs!


L: What thoughts go through your head while you’re playing in front of a crowd?

P: Sickness, followed by the biggest natural high.

L: Let’s touch on your new music video for Figure Me Out. I felt like the video did a fantastic job of capturing the essence of your sound visually. How would you describe the experience of filming?

P: Thank you, it was really fun and Stanley Halls is such a beautiful building. We worked with two very professional people, Jordan of TENENTEN and Jack Taylor. So everything ran so smoothly.

L: Are you working on any new music after this UK tour? When will we expect to hear more from Peluche?

P: Yes we are working on our next album now! It’ll be called unforgivable (joking!) (name tbc)


Check out Peluché’s new video below:


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