Testimonies On Behalf Of Dani Debuto Of The ZETA

Our good friends from Venezuela, The ZETA, have recently reapplied for their Visas to continue residing in these United States of America and providing our eager and honored ears with the beautiful mathy, psychedelic, and potently conceptual metal. All of The ZETA’s applications were accepted with no issue, but the application of our dear, noble, and starry-eyed Gutarist/Hero, Dani Debuto.

In response to this, many people across the country have begun to write testimonies of Dani’s hardwork, compassion, loyalty, and dedication to his work and his fans and are beginning to submit them to The ZETA. Henceforth will be an ongoing, ever-updating page that will be home to any a

I live in Boston, Massachusetts and have traveled as far as Florida, on numerous occasions, to see Zeta perform. I write this in hopes that you will reconsider your decision and allow Dani his visa in order for Zeta to continue touring and spreading their wonderful message to all of their fans.

Dani is an integral part of the band. His energy, his passion, the emotions that Dani brings to the table are absolutely vital to what Zeta as a band really encompasses. His guitar playing is something that can not be replaced. His role in the band and music community is vital and we can only benefit from having him share his talent with us here in the United States. Dani has gone so far as cooking meals for his fans at a bunch of performances I’ve attended. The music community would be nothing without Dani’s guitar playing and the positive impact he has on the music community.

Thank you for your time
Michael Van Buren


I’ve been actively gigging  and touring for 15 years this year. I’ve seen a lot of acts. When I started I was stoked to see it all. I was hungry for the art. Somewhere along the way I became hard to impress. I don’t have illusions about being better than everyone else and I honestly don’t care to try to be the best or most popular band and I’m sure a lot of people don’t  give a shit about my opinion of their band. Maybe I’m tired and maybe I’m jaded but its rare that a band gives me  chill bumps or makes my heartbeat increase. I almost never close my eyes during another band’s set and just feel it. All three of those things happen when the band Zeta is on stage. Zeta is a band from Venezuela that plays mathy bluesy punk. All the lyrics are in Spanish. I don’t know what any of the words mean. And it doesn’t matter. Zeta is more than a band. It’s a coming together of people. A meeting of hearts and minds. It’s not a group of people. It’s a soul of it’s own and it roles over you like a wave. It affects you on a physical level. Zeta takes you on a journey and at the end you aren’t the same. Dani is a founding member of this band. He’s partially responsible for bringing this force of nature into the world. Without him Zeta would not be and the United States  would be culturally diminished. He’s a treasure.

Jeff Hill


January 2019

I had the privilege of booking the Zeta in June of 2018 at the Trunk Space in Phoenix, Arizona. Trunk Space is an all-ages, nonprofit art and performance space that hosts local, national, and international artists over 150 nights per year. I have personally booked and managed over 100 shows, and can personally attest to the work of the Zeta as a complete unit. The entire group shares responsibilities from booking, management, merchandise, cooking, and so much more, and to lose a member would mean a major compromise to the entire group. Daniel Saud’s guitar and percussion work gives so much to the Zeta’s powerful live performances, and offers a distinct sound unlike any other band I have worked with in the United States. This group works tirelessly, and Dani, as a co-founder of the band, provides group energy, songwriting, and crowd interaction that provides a huge boost to the audience watching, as well as all staff and other artists they work alongside. The group works all year-round to spread their craft to audiences in cities big and small across the United States. To see them play with equal vitality and strength to crowds of 20 and 500, one can clearly see what they uniquely offer to the arts and culture of this country. Dani is creative, collaborative, and intelligent, offering kind and thoughtful perspective to his community, from longtime touring companions, to new people at each stop on their endless tours. Though I only worked one night with this band, I have since seen them perform several more times, and each one was greater than the last. By performing and practicing so ceaselessly, the group continues to improve and create truly new styles and mixes of music. Having Dani as their guitarist is something is something irreplaceable for musical reasons, but more importantly for cultural reasons. This band only is able to do what they do by being such a close-knit unit. They cannot stand to lose this essential member of their team. Daniel Saud must be able to stay in the United States and continue playing as a member of the Zeta.

-Connor Descheemaker



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