[Split Album Review] Hotel Colors/Marona Split

"Marona and Hotel Colors capture the power of minimalism in their recently released split. The six tracks bring to mind the melancholy and ennui characteristic of the college age experience in America."


[Album Review] Tierra Whack Invites Us Into Her “Whack World”

"Whack World isn’t just a collection of songs or another complicated concept album. It’s quick. It’s strange. It’s completely enthralling. It is a cinematic art piece full of eccentric colors and stylistic choices both in vision and audio."

[Album Review] Bobby Kid Climb Through Childhood Memories With “Peach”

"The message of Peach seems to battle growing pains and struggles realizing that sometimes faith cannot and will not be able to wear the armor for you. Lester makes a point, though, through the bittersweet nature of the tracks, to thank her bruises and scars for being an integral part in shaping her into the woman she is as she sings each word. "