Machinist!: Closer to Death

  This house of grief will never fall Structure will out last all This house of ghosts will never fall Structure of fear will outlast all Knock knock on coffin Top And pray to god there's no response spoken and broken in the same breath Every step taken Closer to death And hope to sleep … Continue reading Machinist!: Closer to Death


Machinist!: The Vessel

  Breathing smoke and spewing bile Coughing hateful words so vile Daylight burns them into stone Waking shaking cold as bone Traveler Create a pathway to me Possession Mental cell living hell asleep The body the vessel the flesh the fuel Unseen hand moving chess piece tool Traveler Create a pathway to me Possession Mental … Continue reading Machinist!: The Vessel

Machinist!: Empty Nests

  Pray to forget Cut out Bad bits Hide guilt Hilt deep try not to tell gave birth to this. Begged for it. Begged for it Broken glass shines best Begged for it Begged for it Making homes in your hearts empty nests Cancer will fester and die nothing's left Links: Bandcamp Facebook