Staff Picks: Must See Artists at Fest 17

On Monday, Fest made their second and final lineup announcement. With so many bands playing, the staff at Lvl picked out some of their favorites so if you're in need of recommendation, we've got you covered. Our picks include Retirement Party, Prince Daddy & The Hyena, War on Women and a whole lot more.


The Fest 17: Thoughts On The Initial Lineup, Favorite Memories & More Pt. 3

"For the next headliners it would be the ultimate dream to see either Alkaline Trio or The Lawrence Arms (or both!) play. I also wouldn't mind seeing The Menzingers, Masked Intruder, Dillinger Four, The Ergs, or Propagandhi either."

The Fest 17: Thoughts On The Initial Lineup, Favorite Memories & More Pt. 2

"Going into Fest that first time, I only knew one other person who would be there, since then I've met so many others, including some of my favorite people in the whole world. Because of them I always have something to consistently look forward to every year. Fest isn't just a music festival, it's one big, sweaty, drunk, and extremely happy family and I can't wait until this year's family reunion!"

Acoustic Session: ‘Fine’ By Flowan

During Fest, we were able to have Obadiah Grener of Flowan play the single 'Fine' which was released at the beginning of October. Enjoy!   Credits: Facebook: Bandcamp: Camera Operators: Ian Maikisch and Lindsy Carrasquillo Sound Operator: Graham Johnson Edited By: Eliza Goldstein

Acoustic Session: Zeta

During Fest, we were able to record an acoustic session with the Venezuelan band, Zeta. For this session, they played a song that was completely improvised. Check it out below and make sure to watch the interview we did with them here. Enjoy!   Links: Facebook: Bandcamp: Credits: Camera Operator: Ian Maikisch Sound … Continue reading Acoustic Session: Zeta

Fest 16 – A Florida Punk Review Episode 1: Zeta

Welcome to our Fest 16 series! During Fest, we sat down with a few artists to give insight about their band, Fest, and their upcoming plans. If you haven't heard of Fest or just haven't attended in the past, it's a yearly punk festival held right here in downtown Gainesville and features bands from different … Continue reading Fest 16 – A Florida Punk Review Episode 1: Zeta