[Q&A] Australian Punks Nerdlinger Talk New Album, First U.S. Tour, Fest And More!

We spoke with Nerdlinger’s vocalist/bassist/self-proclaimed top bloke Scotty McNairn and Guitarist Daniel Antix about the band’s new album, their upcoming U.S. tour and Fest.


[Q&A] Sincere Engineer Talks Fest, Music Videos, and N64 Games

Deanna Belos, the voice and face of Sincere Engineer took some time to talk about her music as an outlet and the experiences that fuel it. Make sure to listen to Sincere Engineer’s Rhombithian and catch her and the full band at Fest!

The Fest 17: Thoughts On The Initial Lineup, Favorite Memories & More Pt. 2

"Going into Fest that first time, I only knew one other person who would be there, since then I've met so many others, including some of my favorite people in the whole world. Because of them I always have something to consistently look forward to every year. Fest isn't just a music festival, it's one big, sweaty, drunk, and extremely happy family and I can't wait until this year's family reunion!"